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Tax Advantage

Sixty percent of gains from commodity futures are taxed at the long-term rate (15% as of 2012) and forty percent at the short-term rate.


Many investors add commodity futures to their portfolio as a means of diversifying.

Smart Investing

We research all investments for trends and historical patterns.

Welcome to Pinnacle Commodity Group L.L.C., a firm that strives to bring you commodity investments designed for your risk tolerance and investment goals. As a full service brokerage firm that is tailored to fit all experience level of investors, PCG offers a multitude of investment services appropriate for the individual trader, producers and capital management for businesses.

09th Apr 2015

2015 April USDA Supply and Demand Report

Heading into the Report We expected there to be little change from the previous report as there is historically little change between March and April. Immediate Reaction to the Report...

20th Mar 2015

2015 March Cattle on Feed

Heading into we expected lives to climb higher as cash prices are outpacing the futures and feeders to remain strong for the short term as they are placed for summer...

19th Mar 2015

Higher Crude Inventories and Lower Grain Prices

Energy Crude oil production and inventories continue to climb to unprecedented levels. The Baker Hughes rig count continues to drop (North America down 147 units last week), but the units...

10th Mar 2015

2015 March USDA Supply and Demand Report

We expected corn to remain neutral with strong demand from livestock and ethanol and soybeans to continue to feel downward pressure from the large global crop, mainly from South America....

10th Feb 2015

2015 February USDA Supply and Demand Report

Heading into the Report Aside from the Corn market having some solid support under it, in our opinion, the rest of the Grain Complex seems vulnerable,. This potential weakness isĀ not...

23rd Jan 2015

January Cattle on Feed and Cold Storage

After the last set of reports we took the following stances: short hogs, short feeder cattle, and short live cattle. The previous set of reports showed a clear bearish short-term...

22nd Jan 2015

Big Build In Crude Oil Inventories

Crude oil prices have continued to tumble even as rigs are being stacked due to the tightening profitability of drilling. The EIA’s weekly report is not going to help the...

12th Jan 2015

2015 January USDA Supply and Demand Report

The immediate reaction from the USDA Supply and Demand Report was bearish soybeans and wheat while corn saw someĀ support. A drop in domestic carryout along with a significant drop in...